This feels different...

Perhaps because it's been a decade and I don't feel the way I used to feel about sharing on the internet.  I used to think it was a beautiful place.  I've certainly met some beautiful people... 

Going to start sharing again, but likely going to hit reset & start fresh.

If you're still active and want to stay connected, please leave a message & remind me why you should still be in my life :)


still kickin'

Babies & business goals really do a number on the amount of time one has to spend online... or doing anything else for that matter.

The internet simply wasn't what it was back then. I'm not who I was either, thank goodness.

I've been meaning to update for quite some time, and to get into a routine of updating, but what I want tends to come last, after what the boys want & need, and then following what I need to do, and then finally getting done if I actually have time AND energy left for my own wants.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

Who's still here? I feel a list cleanup coming on, so speak now or forever hold your peace ;)

I'm trying to decide which of my journals to keep as my personal. *Can someone (Cynthia??) please resend me the link to post via email from my blackberry? *I think this is the third time I've requested this link. You'd think I would have bookmarked it. Nope. That would be too clever & organized.

How is your 2011 so far?

Mine is much better now that I've unsubscribed from all the news tweets & have stopped watching CNN while folding laundry at night. The sky is no longer falling & I no longer think that the world is a terrible place. Bad news every 5 minutes via text & television can really do a number on a mama's head.


It's been a while!

I just can't seem to make time for livejournal these days. I miss it, but not enough to sacrifice my much needed nap time, or going to bed at a decent hour routine :)

This is my 4th pregnancy, and I have come to the conclusion that I really am not a fan of the process... I'm willing to sacrifice my body & let something grow inside of me, and take from my very bones what it needs to survive, however WHY does that have to come with a punishing and fluctuating nausea that at best feels like an unsettled tummy. At worst... you don't wanna know!!

Mateo will be just turning 2 when the new baby arrives. WOW!! That's close! There were 7 years between my first sibling & I. I had to really want & wait for it, through divorce & all. I hope that Mateo & whoever is inside of me grow up to appreciate each other & respect one another.

Everyone seems to think that this is a girl. It just feels a notch or two higher on the scale of draining than Mateo was.

He's getting to be SUCH a big boy now. I just went through all his clothes again on Thursday to store what he's outgrown, and to switch it up with the "bigger boy" clothes he has. He counts to three (he just says it, but I'm not sure he understands what it represents) because we play 1, 2, 3 JUMP at the pool, and he carefully steps off the edge of the pool, already holding my hand. LOLOL I'll say ONE, and he says, DOOO, so I say TWO, and he says DEEEE and he waits for me to say THREE! before he "jumps".

He also says horsie. But it sounds more like OR-EEE. He's going to be the cutest little or-ee anyone ever saw this year for Halloween :)

The end of Mateo's teething is in sight! *I'm still getting up a min. of for times a night on average with him. I'm starting to think there are more teeth showing than gums, and the molars are almost through (which are the worst of it I would imagine).

I'm watching the scale creep in the other direction now, and it's almost amusing to me. I know I'm capable of losing it, because I really feel I did a great job in taking care of myself & getting into shape after Mateo. I'm definitely going to walk my way back into healthy & fit. I will be often eating what the kids are eating, which of course will be healthier stuff, and smaller portions. More often eating suits me just fine :) Being at home and having the luxury of being able to prepare or go out & purchase whatever strikes my fancy, I enjoy cooking healthier and delicious things. *while I'm pregnant & nauseous, I have to admit, our meals have been a little more on the bland and boring side.

My girlfriend told me about this movie the other night, and then today sent me the link... I won't watch it at night!!

I'm off to tidy the downstairs before Mateo wakes up from his nap.

I gotta throw this in too:

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I'm working on my Montreal presentation & I need to make an image of my truck look like the wheels are turning...

Can someone help me?

I'm on msn messenger right now...

Who wants to make money??

I'm still needing a few more additions to my team to secure my win for the most recent Avon incentive running...

- I'd LOVE to have a few feisty women like myself who are ready to kick some butt & take some names :)

I will support & assist you along the way of getting started & in growing your business.

You WON'T regret it!

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$20 is your only investment :) That's it!

~ I'm told that in the near future we'll be able to add US reps to our teams too, but for now... :(

Email me:!


The only thing better than going away for the weekend is coming home :)

Had a fabulous weekend by the pool:

So did Mateo :)

We're STILL tired actually, but there's a ton to do this week, so I'll just have to try to nap later if I can :)

Today, my to do list is as follows and in NO particular order:

  1. Clean out the fridge

  2. Grocery Shopping

  3. Unpack

  4. Return all weekend voice mails

  5. Laundry

  6. Remind everyone about Wednesdays Avon order deadline

  7. Clean the first floor windows (inside & out)

  8. Stamp 100 Avon brochures for golf tournament tomorrow

  9. Make home made soup

  10. Get organized for charity golf tournament tomorrow

  11. Pack free samples & business cards for tomorrow

  12. *and of course give a brochure to any & everyone I exchange pleasantries with today including cashiers*

My mother gave me some REALLY great stuff on Friday when I stopped in to pick up our spare playpen, including the vintage Armani jacket I've been drooling over since the day she brought it home. Knowing how much I love it, and how little she's actually worn it, SHE GAVE IT TO ME!

I shall post photos. PROMISE. Along with some other stuff too...

I've decided that Lady Avon is ALL about the Vintage. Why not, right? One more way to be extra unique & have some fun with it. Dresses, gloves, hats, etc. I'll take some photos this afternoon if I can find some time to post some of the things I've already acquired, and I'll show you my fabulous outfit for tomorrow's charity golf tournament.

If you, or anyone you know has great vintage stuff not being worn or appreciated, PLEASE! Send it my way!!!

I'm looking for everything from dresses, to suits (sizes anywhere from 8 and up - I'll have it tailored), hats, gloves, accessories, shoes (8 or 8.5), purses/bags, and of course, if you have any vintage Avon products, I've started collecting those as well!

PO BOX 71580
L4G 6S9

I have already started packing my bags & choosing my outfits for the November Avon trip. 3 days expenses paid in Montreal meeting all of the people at head office who make things tick from that end of things, and getting some much deserved and appreciated spoiling & appreciation!

I will be Lady Avon the entire trip! Avon is flying me there, but I'm going to opt for a train ride instead. I've always wanted to take a train ride, and I've never been on anything but a subway or GO train. I want to have a tea, and look out the window, and gather my thoughts, and write in my blackberry, and take a nap, etc. Kinda old school, no? Would Mrs. Albee not have arrived by train? :)

Have a wonderful day my friends.... may your "to do" list be fruitful & manageable. May your energy be abundant and your week be full of wonderful surprises!

Happy Friday etc. :)

So, I just realized I can change the fonts on here so they're set to that particular font all the time?! Since when can I do that??

It's a picture posting kinda day, don't you think? At this particular moment, I'm listening to Mateo playing and chatting to himself before drifting off to sleep, and uploading photos from my phone to my computer, and then from my computer to photobucket, and then to here (and there, and a few other places I'm sure), I'm also wrapping two birthday gifts (one for my beautiful sister who's bday was on Tuesday), packing for the farm this weekend AND trying to tidy & organize my office, as it always seem to get hit by a tornado every two weeks when deliveries come LOL. Ah, the life of an Avon Lady!

I've been playing around with the website, and hopefully the changes will be made before next week. It needed some brightening.

I'm also going to make an effort to take WAY more photos! I will post them here. Mateo's growing so quickly, and life is happening faster than I remember it happening. I can better cherish the moments by documenting them & saving/sharing them with friends & family.

Speaking of....

Here's a WHACK of photos to start! *grab a drink, have a seat, get your reading glasses... it's all pretty random :)

On my way for a haircut (like my little door-knocker Avon pin??)

Nekkid bb time! (sorry Teo!)

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That's all I've got for now. Must go pack & finish wrapping gifts :) More photos promised for next time.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!