Princess Blondie (princessblondie) wrote,
Princess Blondie

 Last night, I did a whopping 6 minutes on my elliptical.  LOL.  Six CONSECUTIVE minutes...  and I didn't think I was going to die...  Actually, that's not true.  I thought I was going to after the first couple of minutes, but then I pushed through, and it got easier.  I'm SO bloody out of shape it bothers me.  I would have kept going past 6 however dinner would have burned :)  And we would have gone hungry.

Tonight, if my Avon order doesn't take me forever (tonight is Delivery night, so I have to sort all the orders), I'd like to do 20 minutes.

I really should be doing it in the morning, but I'm just not there yet.

I wasn't feeling myself yesterday.  I felt really depressed, miserable, and icky in my own skin.  Didn't want to be at work, but didn't want to be anywhere else either.  Might as well get paid while I'm miserable, right?  (I stayed at work).

I made the mistake of going to Wal-Mart at lunch to try to run some errands & make myself feel better.  What a mistake.  I hated everyone.  People in their cars.   People crossing the streets where they shouldn't be crossing.  People walking in front of me.  People cutting me off or bumping into me in the aisles.  I felt literally like barking at them all...  how f'd up is that??  So unlike me.

Thankfully today I'm feeling much better, and at peace with the world around me.  There will be no barking at strangers...
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