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Princess Blondie

Bah HUM bug!

I thought I'd nip out at lunch & get some shopping done...  What the heck was I thinking???  I work in Scarborough....  There is never a quiet moment anywhere.

It took me twenty minutes to get two city blocks North, so I could return two pair of pants I bought and changed my mind about.  Did I mention they were from Wal-Mart?  When I finally got there, got a spot (and almost killed a man for it), I got into the store, saw the customer service line, and left.

A very special certain someone from LJ land had an interview at my work today, and I have a very good feeling that they got the job :)  One more thing to look forward to in 2008 - working with ________________ (I can't tell you until I have permission).

Banana man, the guy I bitch about now & then gave me a lovely Christmas Card this morning & a tin of fancy toffee/chocolates.  Talk about shocked.  The card reads, "Just a small token of thanks for the irreplaceable support and assistance you gave all year".  Awe...  I need to have better patience for him.  (he also needs to stop doing things that drive me crazy).

Tomorrow is a half day, as we're having a huge Christmas lunch all afternoon at one of our recently re-acquired restaurant chains.  It's going to be gooooooood.  Greeks know food.

I booked Monday off.  I'll be working Thursday & Friday next week but I really don't mind.  It'll be so quiet here, and we'll all dress very comfortably, and I'll be able to get so much done with so many people out of the office.

I bought an adorable Winnie the Pooh set for the baby on ebay this morning.  All the crib bedding including bumper, curtains and a WTP lamp.  I chose a Pooh border for the room, but it's old school Pooh, which I just love the look of.  I'll do it half way up the wall, and paint the room two separate colours (above and below the border).  Paint already chosen too, but not purchased.

We're re-doing the upstairs bathroom over the holidays.  I can't wait.  New floors.  New tiles.  New paint.  New tub.  YUMMY.

Random question:

Do you hate any words?  I mean other than words that were meant to be offensive (curse words, slang words etc. do not count).

- Bruno doesn't like the word pantyhose.
- I don't like the word girth or fungus

What are yours?
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