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So, I'm feeling REALLY pregnant today....  REALLY...

I thought I'd sneak into the bathroom & take a couple of quick pics with my phone :)

I'm 27 weeks now.

And when I look down.....  THIS is all I see...


I still have like, 10 weeks to go?!  And NOW is when Mateo will do the most growing?????

In other news, my little Amanda (do you know/remember Amanda?)
*sorry it's blurry

So, my little Amanda sent me an e-mail yesterday, saying that she has to do a presentation for class, and she has chosen to do it on ME!!!!

How cute/sweet/flattering??  I could just eat her alive.

She's so excited about the baby coming, and finally having the opportunity to be a "big sister" to someone, since she's the baby of the family, and has two stinky older brothers, who are typically mean and bossy to her... etc.

She called me last night & interviewed me, and we put together the story of our friendship.

How I lived across the street from her, and met her when she was 6, and how she used to help me carry in my groceries, and we'd bake together, and go for drives down by the water, etc.  Then I moved, and we kept in touch, and blah blah blah, and now here we are expecting a baby, and still friends, and how she has her own room at my house and how we love to do cool stuff together, like paint ceramics or go to The Wave Pool, or shopping, or getting her ears pierced, and when I saw her on Sunday (I gave her my favorite winter coat since it won't fit me the rest of this year and I got a new one for Christmas that will fit me next year) she had on MAKE UP!  She's finishing off her presentation with the statement of us knowing each other now for half of her life, and that we're going to be friends forever.  Ugh!  Couldn't you just pinch her?  HARD?  LOL.

I am hoping that the presentations aren't for another week or so, and I'll be able to book the time off work to surprise her.  I just called her mom & asked her to talk to the teacher about when this is all going to go down.

I'll bring my video camera & a box of kleenex.

K.  I really gotta get to work.  I'm goofing a bit today.


cisforcorrie - you have phone, but no power yet :)  I'm not in tomorrow as I have an appointment downtown with my eye specialist, and I really wanted to suprvise the arranging of your desk, etc. and buy you a nice little plant to put on it & welcome you Monday morning....  Maybe I'll just bring you a plant on Monday :)  See you then partner!


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