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I'm still kickin'

So is the baby :)

Been very busy, and quite low on energy.

Several things going on around me that definitely qualify as a "crisis" of some form or another, but I'm just trying to lay as low as possible & keep myself uninvolved.

Had a wonderful shower last weekend and got to see several people I haven't seen since before getting pregnant, because I've been such a hermit through this experience.  I miss my friends :)

The house is looking like there's a baby on the way.  So much for keeping it limited to the nursery.  Right now there's a kick-ass Eddie Bauer stroller in my living room.  I LOVE my stroller.  It's got the baby seat/carrier as well as the toddler seat, and cup holders for me.  I haven't played with it yet & figured out how to fold it down for travel, but I love looking at it and imagining my little man & I having afternoons in the park and going for long walks around our neighborhood.

I think the only big item we haven't gotten yet is the high chair, which, really, we won't need for a while yet, and the less stuff I have packed away in the house, the better.  As it is we have several things that won't be needed right away, but I'm glad to have them now, however, finding good spots for them where they're out of the way, etc. isn't easy.  Bruno & I have a lot of stuff....  He's a hobby guy.  Hunting, fishing, camping, etc.  I'm sentimental, so I've got dishes & linens & extra pots, pans, serveware, etc. etc. etc.

I've started gearing up to leave work.  Cleaned out my computer.  Started bringing things home from my desk.  Trying to get my boss organized enough to do without me should anything happen on short notice (like early labour).  It's so strange still to think that I won't be working...  for however long I take mat leave.  Even the idea of a month off is totally bizarro to me.  Oddly, it was my life's ambition as a young child to be a mom & home-maker.  Honestly, that's all I wanted for myself.  To make and take care of my family.  Now I can't imagine myself not working.

Speaking of work, I should do some.


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