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I have done nothing but sleep today.

Went to bed early.

Got up this morning with Bru.

Went back to sleep on the couch.

Got up a bit later, had some breakfast.

Went back to sleep on the couch.

Got up a bit later, and had a shower.

Went back to sleep in my own bed.

Answered the phone a couple of times, and went back to sleep (in my bed).

Got up not too long ago and forced myself to get dressed & put some face on.

Now I'm determined to:

- finish my year end taxes
- do as much as I can of my 1st quarter GST because it's due so close to the baby coming
- finish the laundry (two more loads)
- vacuum (maybe save that one for Bruno for tomorrow)
- make a nice dinner
- go see a movie tonight w/Bru

I'd had big ideas for today, most of which included getting out of the house cause it's so nice out. I really wanted to go to the library in town (it's gorgeous). I spend WAY too much money on books, including used. I need to start taking advantage of the fact that the library is so close and so inexpensive. LOL

Tomorrow... the library.
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