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The only thing better than going away for the weekend is coming home :)

Had a fabulous weekend by the pool:

So did Mateo :)

We're STILL tired actually, but there's a ton to do this week, so I'll just have to try to nap later if I can :)

Today, my to do list is as follows and in NO particular order:

  1. Clean out the fridge

  2. Grocery Shopping

  3. Unpack

  4. Return all weekend voice mails

  5. Laundry

  6. Remind everyone about Wednesdays Avon order deadline

  7. Clean the first floor windows (inside & out)

  8. Stamp 100 Avon brochures for golf tournament tomorrow

  9. Make home made soup

  10. Get organized for charity golf tournament tomorrow

  11. Pack free samples & business cards for tomorrow

  12. *and of course give a brochure to any & everyone I exchange pleasantries with today including cashiers*

My mother gave me some REALLY great stuff on Friday when I stopped in to pick up our spare playpen, including the vintage Armani jacket I've been drooling over since the day she brought it home. Knowing how much I love it, and how little she's actually worn it, SHE GAVE IT TO ME!

I shall post photos. PROMISE. Along with some other stuff too...

I've decided that Lady Avon is ALL about the Vintage. Why not, right? One more way to be extra unique & have some fun with it. Dresses, gloves, hats, etc. I'll take some photos this afternoon if I can find some time to post some of the things I've already acquired, and I'll show you my fabulous outfit for tomorrow's charity golf tournament.

If you, or anyone you know has great vintage stuff not being worn or appreciated, PLEASE! Send it my way!!!

I'm looking for everything from dresses, to suits (sizes anywhere from 8 and up - I'll have it tailored), hats, gloves, accessories, shoes (8 or 8.5), purses/bags, and of course, if you have any vintage Avon products, I've started collecting those as well!

PO BOX 71580
L4G 6S9

I have already started packing my bags & choosing my outfits for the November Avon trip. 3 days expenses paid in Montreal meeting all of the people at head office who make things tick from that end of things, and getting some much deserved and appreciated spoiling & appreciation!

I will be Lady Avon the entire trip! Avon is flying me there, but I'm going to opt for a train ride instead. I've always wanted to take a train ride, and I've never been on anything but a subway or GO train. I want to have a tea, and look out the window, and gather my thoughts, and write in my blackberry, and take a nap, etc. Kinda old school, no? Would Mrs. Albee not have arrived by train? :)

Have a wonderful day my friends.... may your "to do" list be fruitful & manageable. May your energy be abundant and your week be full of wonderful surprises!
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