Princess Blondie (princessblondie) wrote,
Princess Blondie

still kickin'

Babies & business goals really do a number on the amount of time one has to spend online... or doing anything else for that matter.

The internet simply wasn't what it was back then. I'm not who I was either, thank goodness.

I've been meaning to update for quite some time, and to get into a routine of updating, but what I want tends to come last, after what the boys want & need, and then following what I need to do, and then finally getting done if I actually have time AND energy left for my own wants.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

Who's still here? I feel a list cleanup coming on, so speak now or forever hold your peace ;)

I'm trying to decide which of my journals to keep as my personal. *Can someone (Cynthia??) please resend me the link to post via email from my blackberry? *I think this is the third time I've requested this link. You'd think I would have bookmarked it. Nope. That would be too clever & organized.

How is your 2011 so far?

Mine is much better now that I've unsubscribed from all the news tweets & have stopped watching CNN while folding laundry at night. The sky is no longer falling & I no longer think that the world is a terrible place. Bad news every 5 minutes via text & television can really do a number on a mama's head.

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